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The Not So Far East

Bok Choy, Napa Cabbage, Carrots, Shishito Pepper, Leeks, Onion, Raddish, and Soy Bean.

We wanted to give you the ability to make a wide variety of delicious dishes of eastern origin! From making Kim-chi with Napa Cabbage to a nice Bok Choy side dish this shelf will have you covered. 

Bok Choy
(Brassica Rapa Subsp Chinensis)
Originally from China, Bok Choy has been growing since around 400 A.D. Bok Choy was first brought to America during the 20th Century and can grow up to 11 inches tall.

Napa Cabbage
(Brassica Rapa Subsp Pekinensis)
Napa Cabbage is a natural source of electrolytes and will give you a boost in Vitamin K, which will help give you strong bones and healthy blood calcium levels. Napa Cabbage was first brought to America during the 16th Century and originates in China.

(Daucus Carota)
Carrots can be left in the ground over the winter. Which is useful considering in its native land of Iraq and Afghanistan night time temperature n the winter can get below freezing. Carrots are made up of 88% water, and were brought to America during the 17th Century.

Shishito Pepper
(Capsicum annuum var grossum)
Native to Japan where it is known as the “Lion Head pepper”, one in ten shishitos is a surprise. Usually about 4x as hot as normal.

(Allium Porrum)
Originating in the Eastern Mediterranean, the Greek Philosopher Aristotle credited the clear voice of the Partridge to a diet of leeks. Leeks are very high in Vitamin K and in manganese.

(Allium Cepa)
Hailing from Central Asia, onions were originally brought to America during the 17th Century and the oldest onion harvests date back to 5,000 B.C. The ancient Egyptians worshiped the onion because they believed that its spherical shape & concentric rings symbolizes eternity.

(Raphanus Sativus)
About 7 million tons of radishes are produced every year. The third largest produces of Radish’s are its Origin country of China. Radishes are an excellent source of Vitamin C. First brought to America during the 17th Century.

Soy Beans
(Glycine max)
Fun Fact. Soy-based oils are used as lubricants and can withstand higher temperatures that of petroleum-based oils. First brought to America during the 19th Century and native to China, one acre of soybeans converts to 40,000 servings of tofu