Home Harvest Co

So, you have chosen a greenhouse! Next, you have to decide what you are going to be producing within it! You will need to select the number of shelves based on the overall size of your Greenhouse. If you have selected an 8’x12′ you get 6 shelves, 8’x16′ you get 8, and 8’x20′ you get 10 shelves. Below you will find a list of 12 shelves.  There are also 2 additional shelves in the section labeled included. Those are freebies, you get those at no additional cost! So go ahead, take some time to fall in love with your future crops!

Choice of Shelves

Mama Mia

Just add pasta and you‘ve created a delicious, fresh meal with this Italian wonderland! This shelf is especially for our Italian food lovers obsessed with fresh and fragrant ingredients for every dish you make.

Super Foods

This shelf is packed with leafy green goodness! With notable names like kale and celery, this is what we call our Power House Producer shelf or PHP. You will get a large amount of yield in a short amount of time!

Spice is Nice

We've got varying levels of heat on this shelf from the mild poblano pepper up to the fiery habanero. If you are always reaching for the hot sauce or sriracha, this one is for you!

Southern Livin'

Fresh and tasty comfort food prepared to perfection from fried okra to turnip greens! This shelf will cover all of your southern lovin’ food needs.

Rabbit Food

This is another Power House Producer and if you're looking to boost your overall yield, consider choosing this shelf along with the Super Food shelf. But don't be fooled, this "rabbit food" is packed with tons of incredible vitamins and nutritious value!

Some Just For Looking

Imagine a beautiful shelf bursting with a variety of colors and fragrances meant to satisfy any flower lover. Create your own original bouquets for friends and family or brighten the spaces in your home!

The Not So Far East

We wanted to give you the ability to make a wide variety of delicious dishes of eastern origin! From making Kim-chi with Napa Cabbage to a nice Bok Choy side dish this shelf will have you covered.

These Blend(er) Well

If you are looking to cool down with a nice refreshing smoothie, this shelf will definitely serve as a strong basis for you. Lots of healthy fruit options for you, this is the only shelf that includes a Watermelon option!

Galactic Garden

These plants are out of this world cool. The idea here was to find plants that we have a hard time believing that they are from Earth!

Ketosis is Key...tosis

All of these vegetables have relatively low net carbs per serving the biggest here being Spaghetti Squash at 10g net calories per serving. Hopefully, this shelf will contain all of the KEY ingredients to be successful in your diet.

Life Finds a Way

With this shelf, we wanted to showcase the amazing ways that life will evolve to adapt to its environment. From Carnivorous Plants to Succulents life truly finds a way.

Salsa Time

If you are a fan of Salsa. This is the one. It has all of the necessary ingredients to make an awesome homemade salsa. Molcajete not included.
Included Shelves


This is a freebie! This shelf is automatically included with your Greenhouse. We wanted to give you a wide variety to make sure all of your needs were met.


Another freebie! Mushrooms; Portobello in particular is a staple in vegan diets. We wanted to include mushrooms to ensure that everyone was able to enjoy their own Home Harvest as much as possible!