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Home Harvest's Educational Green House Program

A survey showed that 83% of parents would rather place their child in a school that had a Greenhouse as a part of it's curriculum.

Why Us?

Home Harvest’s mission is to change the way people get their produce. We build high efficiency, small footprint greenhouses with automation features that allow anyone to grow all the produce their family needs, right in their backyard. We bring our greenhouses to schools, offer free curriculums, and use them for educational purposes. Getting kids started early, learning how to grow their produce at home. Self reliance is a lost art, and sharing that skill would benefit them for years to come.

In our Parent Outreach Program, we send information about our residential greenhouses to the parents of your students. We also donate $1000 to the school for every parent who purchases a greenhouse and we offer a discount on the installation, completely offsetting the cost of the project for every school.

How to get this Greenhouse paid for?

Parent Outreach Program:

Allow us to send information to the parents of your students. For each household greenhouse purchased your school will receive free gardening for 3 months donated in the schools name, and a $1,000 donation is included. In no time the entire project is paid for. 

FFA Grant:

Jump start your school greenhouse program with The Future Farmers of America Grant. We will help you with the application process, ensuring your success by pointing you in the right direction for applying to the grants with the highest approval odds.

More Students:

Stand out from the rest! Your Greenhouse program will be teaching your students a wide array of skills that will equip them to effectively grow their own produce. A lost art, being brought back by you. Parents know the value of this, and it is one more feather in your cap to bring in more happy students. 

USDA Grants:

Similar to the FFA Grant, there are grants offered by the USDA, allowing you to get most of your greenhouse project reimbursed by the Federal Government for offering this to your students.

Eight Week Curriculum

The students be learning how to properly plant seeds, and they will also be choosing what plant they would like to grow during this eight-week cycle!

As the plants have had a week to grow, students will begin to see their seeds sprouts. The real magic is happening underground as the roots are starting to take form.

After two weeks of growth,  your students will enjoy seeing changes in height, color, and foliage. 

Student get to see compare and contrast  all of the different plant types.

The student’s plants will start forming, and we will begin to see some flowering! This applies to both for vegetables and flowers!

Even in a perfect environment like a greenhouse, plants can can accumulate pests and/or become diseased. This week we will be learning how to diagnose these problems. At this time we will also be transferring over to larger pots!

After six weeks of growing, our plants will be nearing maturity. In this lesson, we will be learning about photosynthesis and the other processes that got us there.

We made it, we now have a fully matured plant! In this lesson, we will be learning how to take care of our plants at home. That’s right, the students get to take home their plants and we start the cycle anew next week!

What Does My Greenhouse Include?

Automated Temperature Control System

Our fan system is Temperature/Humidity activated. You set the climate you want it to maintain, and it will regulate everything for you! This comes standard on all of our greenhouses. Climate is vital to your success.


Shade Cloth

In the Summer months you will need this to prevent sunburn on your crops. So we make sure you have it day 1!

Automated Sprinklers

We run misters throughout your entire greenhouse. The mister heads are adjustable so you can modify the flow in zones easily. Digital controls are included for precise watering schedules. Your greenhouse will water itself without you having to think about it.

anchor png

High Wind Rating Anchoring System

Most clients first question is usually concern about how in-climate weather may harm their new greenhouse. We take this very seriously. Our overbuilt solution consists of 4' Earth anchors that we auger into every corner of your deck. We also run a steel cable through every single board securing the augers. Your greenhouse is bolted to the deck with 40-100 bolts depending on the size of your structure *slaps side of greenhouse* "That baby isn't going anywhere"

Pressure Treated Deck

Your greenhouse will become the focal point of the yard! All of our greenhouses come standard with a pressure-treated deck. Giving you a nice level surface to stand on while you toil away growing your produce. The deck can be extended beyond the footprint of the greenhouse. Color options are available for an additional fee.

Galvanized Planter Beds

Depending on the size of your structure, full-length planter beds are available on either side of the walkway. These are included with any greenhouse. Need more space? Upgrade to a two tiered planting system that will double your planting area. See add-ons for details!


Best for a family of 2


Best for a family of 2-3


Best for a family of 3-5


Best for a family of 5-7

Did you have something larger in mind?

We will happily generate a custom quote for any greenhouse design you can imagine, just let us know!
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Select Your Size

Our Greenhouses are intended to grow all the edible plants your family can eat. Here is a guide to help you choose the greenhouse that fits your family’s needs. All the sizes are Width x Length. Greenhouses are 7′ tall to keep them well hidden behind privacy fences. Keeps HOAs and Pesky neighbors out of your business.


Add-ons: Choose any or all of these Green House options

Take a moment to read through all of our exciting green house add-on offerings. All of these work to elevate your green house, what you choose will help to make your green house personal to you and aid in how you intend to use it.

Hot Climate Kit

If you live closer to the equator and you are in the summer months you may want to slap this on as well. We will upgrade your fan and integrate an evaporative cooler. Like our fan, the cooler will be temperature-activated. Rest assured, your greenhouse has the tools it needs to maintain a constant climate regardless of how harsh the climate outside is.

Cold Climate Kit

When the frost rolls in, you are going to need a heater to keep your crops alive. We will integrate a temperature-activated heater to fight off the cold.

Deck Extension Kit

Turn your greenhouse into your favorite space. Get your deck extended four feet, put some chairs out front, and elevate the space. Experience an oxygen rich environment, the fresh vegetation, and the deeply human experience of growing your own organic produce.

Water Filter

It is no secret that the water coming out of your hose/sprinklers is not the best. If you are worried about the quality of the hydration being supplied to your crops, customizable water filters are available to address any issues in your water supply.

Shelves/Potting System

Double your planting area by upgrading your shelves. This includes a large array of pots so you can maintain crops at all stages of the growth cycle, allowing you to take full advantage of all the extra space. If you want to get the most out of your greenhouse, this is a no brainer.

Trex Deck

A pressure-treated deck will last 10-15 years. Expand your deck's lifespan to 30 years with Trex Deck. This will elevate the look of your space.

Hydroponics Tower

You can seriously accelerate the growth of select crops. Integrating these into your greenhouse will aid in maximizing yield.

Mushroom Buckets

Mushrooms are an incredible way to get more food out of the space. We can grow just about any mushroom species. If you like mushrooms, add on a mushroom bucket to be a FUNgi.

The Big League

Become a professional. This bundle includes a stainless steel workbench, a sink that holsters a hose for on-demand watering and cleaning, a rotating composter. A seed organizer that keeps hundreds of seeds available for germination. Add this, and deem yourself worthy of the rank "Master Gardener."

Super Simple to Move Forward


Time to build!

Good news, we build fast! Forget labor shortages, supply chain, shipping, COVID delays, etc. You should expect to wait 5-6 months for just about anything you want to buy. We take a 60% deposit and your project will be complete in 2-4 weeks. You’ll be eating fresh produce out of it before you know it.


Good for 4-5 students to work in at one time.


Good for 6-8 students to work in at one time.


Good for 9-11 students to work in at one time.


Good for 11-14 students to work in at one time.

Did you have something larger in mind?

We will happily generate a custom quote for any green house design you can imagine, just let us know!
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Select Your Size

These are our standard sizes. We also can build wider and taller. They are totally customizable but we have a lot of options to make sure you end up with the perfect greenhouse for your schools needs.

Start Growing your School and Greenhouse Today!

Get the most out of your greenhouse with the highest yield of produce available. We are dedicated to maximizing every inch of planting space within your greenhouse so you have the most successful harvest possible!