Home Harvest Co
Home Harvest makes owning your own greenhouse easy! From your first consultation to design & construction, all the way to maintenance and harvest. The process is simple and quick and we will help you every step of the way!

Here are just a few benefits to owning your own greenhouse:

  • No more going to the store to buy produce that will go bad in a couple of days 

  • Access to 100’s of different fruits, vegetables, herbs, and perennials

  • Fresh produce all year round

  • No more forgetting to water

  • Save $ on your monthly grocery bill

  • Higher quality food for your family

Your greenhouse will have the highest yield of seeds available on the market. We are dedicated to maximizing every inch of planting space within your greenhouse so you have the richest yield possible! 

All of our greenhouses come equipped with automatic, solar-powered, temperature control systems, two chamber spinning composters, and automated sprinklers.



Your greenhouse will be able to produce:

  • 15+ different herbs

  • 15+ leafy greens

  • 25+ fruits and vegetables

  • 12+ perennials

All. Year. Round. What’s even better is, that you don’t have to pick and choose! Your greenhouse will have the capacity to hold everything you need and want.

All of our greenhouses start at 8’X8’ and go all the way to 8’X28’ and any size in between.



If you are looking for something larger, contact us! We are ready to make your greenhouse dreams a reality.