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Gardening Services

Does this sound like you?

“A greenhouse sounds amazing, but I wasn’t gifted a green thumb.”

At Home Harvest, we understand that gardening isn’t a matter of luck. It requires diligence and determination to learn the techniques associated with being a successful gardener. With that in mind, we offer services to help fulfill your gardening needs.

Option 1

Get all the materials sent to your door with our subscription service.

Option 2

Have a Home Harvest Gardener service your greenhouse bi-weekly without lifting a finger.

Option 2 - How it Works:

Choose from our list of 80+ edible plants on this page. We plant them and check in for guaranteed success. We will monitor all systems in the greenhouse, make adjustments as needed, manage compost, maintain soil health, harvest, prevent pests, and reseed immediately to maximize yield. Enjoy your new Backyard to Table lifestyle.


Where it all begins! Proper seeding technique is important in the conception of your plants! Whether it's making sure proper depth placement is achieved, or the right spacing to prevent overcrowding, our gardeners are trained to ensure success.

Climate Control

Gardeners will check your greenhouse's internal temperature upon arrival and manually run sprinklers to prevent drought. This is to ensure its climate is at the appropriate level for optimal growth.

Inspect Plants

There are many afflictions that can have adverse effects on your plants: insects, diseases, and other deficiencies. In order to make sure we are preventing any of these issues, we inspect your plants to ensure there is no room for jeopardization.

Removal of Diseased Plants

Unfortunately, sometimes diseases can effect your plants. Should these problems arise, we will remove effected plants and replant new ones. We always replace plants that have been useful to your household.

Maintain Soil Health

One major, often overlooked, variable in gardening is soil health. To get ahead of the nutrient draining of soil, we always make sure to replace a percentage of your soil with fresh compost in your beds, adding those essential minerals.


The whole reason we do what we do! When your greenhouse is ready to harvest, we want to make sure we get your incredibly delicious produce from your greenhouse to your table.


Once we harvest, the cycle restarts! We till the area by hand, add fresh soil, compost, and then reseed.

Option 1 - How It Works:

Want to do it on your own? Need additional help after you’ve received your seeds and supplies? Feel free to call anytime. Our representatives are available to address any issues you are facing free of charge. We want you to get the most out of your green house!


We start all of our clients with their best foot forward. To make this possible, we source our seeds from a variety of small businesses.


A successful harvest requires a vast knowledge of plants. We send out the proper tools and equipment required with your subscription.

Composting Worms

Soil Health is crucial to a successful harvest! Included in your greenhouse subscription is a composter packed with worms. Just add the necessary scraps to ensure they have a food source. In return, you get nutrient-rich compost to help maximize your yield.


As your plants are growing, we make sure to send all of the necessary pot sizes to take your plants from seedling to harvest.


Access to Support For All Gardening Questions!

Have a question about one of your plants? Send us an inquiry and we will get back to you in under 24 hours.
Only included in the subscription and gardening services.

plant List

Plant TypePlant NameScientific Name
LettuceRomaineLactuca Sativa Var. Longifolia Asterales
LettuceArugulaEruca Sativa
LettuceSpinachSpinacia Oleracea
LettuceMustard GreensBrassica Juncea
LettuceNapa CabbageBrassica Rapa Subsp. Pekinensis
LettuceChardBeta Vulgaris
LettuceCeleryApium Graveolens.
LettuceEndiveCichorium Endivia
LettuceKaleBrassica oleracea var. sabellica
LettuceBroccoli RabeBrassica ruvo
LettuceSorrelRumex Acetosa
LettuceBaby Leaf Lettuce (Tambay) 
Vegetable/ FruitSoy BeansGlycine max
Vegetable/ FruitOkraAbelmoschus Esculentus
Vegetable/ FruitBok ChoyBrassica Rapa Subsp. Chinensis
Vegetable/ FruitRomanesco BroccoliBrassica oleracea ‘Romanesco’
Vegetable/ FruitCarrotsDaucus Carota
Vegetable/ FruitOnionsAllium Cepa
Vegetable/ FruitShallotAllium Ascalonicum
Vegetable/ FruitGarlicAllium sativum
Vegetable/ FruitBeetsBeta Vulgaris Subsp
Vegetable/ FruitBrussel sproutsBrassica Oleracea Var. Gemmifera
Vegetable/ FruitZucchiniCucurbita Pepo
Vegetable/ FruitTurnipBrassica rapa subsp. rapa
Vegetable/ FruitKohlrabiBrassica Oleracea
Vegetable/ FruitSquashCucurbita
Vegetable/ FruitCauliflowerBrassica oleracea var. botrytis
Vegetable/ FruitCherry TomatoSolanum lycopersicum var. cerasiforme
Vegetable/ FruitRed OnionAllium cepa
Vegetable/ FruitEgg PlantSolanum Melongena
Vegetable/ FruitWatermelonCitrullus lanatus
Vegetable/ FruitStrawberriesFragaria x Ananassa
Vegetable/ FruitCantaloupeCucumis melo var. cantalupensis
Vegetable/ FruitTomatoesSolanum Lycopersicum
Vegetable/ FruitRadishRaphanus Sativus
Vegetable/ FruitSteviaStevia rebaudiana
Vegetable/ FruitGreen BeansPhaseolus Vulgaris
Vegetable/ FruitTomatilloPhysalis philadelphica
Vegetable/ FruitLeeksAllium Porrum
Vegetable/ FruitKalettes 
Vegetable/ FruitBroccoliBrassica Oleracea Var. Italica
Vegetable/ FruitLima BeanPhaseolus Lunatus
Vegetable/ FruitSpaghetti SquashCucurbita Pepo
Vegetable/ FruitSummer SquashCucurbita pepo subsp. pepo
PeppersCayenne PepperCapsicum annuum
PeppersSerrano PepperCapsicum annuum ‘Serrano’
PeppersShishito PepperCapsicum annuum var. grossum
PeppersBell PepperCapsicum Annuum Group
PeppersPoblano PeppersCapsicum Annuum Var
PeppersJalapenosCapsicum Annuum
PeppersHabanero PepperCapsicum chinense Habanero Group
PeppersBanana PepperCapsicum annuum ‘Banana Pepper’
HerbsGreen OnionAllium Fistulosum
HerbsCatnipNepeta Cataria
HerbsSageSalvia Officinalis
HerbsBasilOcimum Basilicum
HerbschivesAllium Schoenoprasum
HerbsThymeThymus Vulgaris
HerbsParsleyPetroselinum Crispum
HerbsRosemarySalvia rosmarinus
HerbsBay LaurelLaurus nobilis
FlowerSalviaSalvia farinacea
FlowerMarigoldTagetes erecta
FlowerCelosiaCelosia plumosa
FlowerZinniaZinnia elegans
FlowerDianthusDianthus barbatus
FlowerBegoniaBegonia x semperflorens
FlowerColeusColeus scutellarioides
FlowerNigellaNigella sativa
FlowerSchizanthusSchizanthus Atlantis
FlowerAgrostemma MilasAgrostemma githago
FlowerViola(Viola x williamsii
Carniverous/SucculentVenus FlytrapDionaea muscipula
Carniverous/SucculentCape SundewDrosera capensis
Carniverous/SucculentPale Pitcher PlantSarracenia alata
Carniverous/SucculentPitcher PlantNepenthes
Carniverous/SucculentAloeAloe barbadensis miller
Carniverous/SucculentCarpet WeedCheiridopsis Denticulata
Carniverous/SucculentFlat-Topped AeoniumAeonium tabuliforme
Carniverous/SucculentSedum LizardSedum rubens
Carniverous/SucculentSedum OracleSedum forsterianum
MushroomsShitakeLentinula edodes
MushroomsPortobelloAgaricus bisporus
MushroomsOysterPleurotus ostreatus
MushroomsWhite ButtonAgaricus bisporus

Do I need Gardening Services or The Subscription option?

Gardening Services

"I want to have a large yield out of my greenhouse regularly but I kill every plant I touch." Consider getting our Gardening Service!


"I am familiar with gardening but sometimes I have questions that go outside the scope of my knowledge." Subscribe to our Subscription Service!

Included In Both

No matter which way you choose both options include all of the items listed below.

Ready to make your greenhouse dreams a reality?

Gardening can be intimidating.  Our representatives are here to make sure all your questions are answered. We are very passionate about our work, we want to build you the perfect greenhouse, and we want you to be successful gardening it, without breaking the bank! Give us a call or schedule an in-home consultation.