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Broccoli, Kholrabi, Napa Cabbage (M), Kalettes, Brussel Sprout, and Cherry Tomato.

These plants are out of this world cool. The idea here was to find plants that we have a hard time believing that they are from Earth!

Romanesco Broccoli
(Brassica oleracea ‘Romanesco’)
Chat we call Romanesco is actually the edible flowering head of the larger plant itself. Italy is where these beautiful vegetables get their roots from hence the name “Romanesco”. It was first brought to America during the 20th Century. It also makes a guest appearance in the newest Star Wars trilogy where Rae can be seen snacking on it!

(Brassica Oleracea)
The word “kohlrabi” translates to “cabbage turnip” from its native land of Germany. It was first brought to America during the 19th Century and it helps with digestion, weight loss & boosts energy.

Napa Cabbage
(Brassica Rapa Subsp Pekinensis)
Napa Cabbage is a natural source of electrolytes and will give you a boost in Vitamin K, which will help give you strong bones and healthy blood calcium levels. Napa Cabbage was first brought to America during the 16th Century and originates in China.

(Brassica oleracea var ‘Kalette’)
Kalettes were created by Tozer Seeds, a British vegetable-breeding company that brought the vegetable to the United States in the fall of 2014. Kalettes are a mixture of brussel sprouts and kale.

Brussel Sprouts
(Brassica Oleracea Var Gemmifera)
They really are named after Brussels, the capital of Belgium where they are originally from. The sulforaphane that gives brussels sprouts their unique flavor also helps lower cancer risks. First brought to America during the 18th Century.

Cherry Tomatoes
(Solanum lycopersicum var cerasiforme)
Cherry Tomatoes originate from Peru, Cherry tomatoes range in size from a thumbtip up to the size of a golfball. Oblong ones often share characteristics with plum tomatoes and are known as grape tomatoes