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Want to live a happy & healthy lifestyle?

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Residential Green Houses

Home Grown
All Year Round

Want to live a happy & healthy lifestyle?

Free In-Home Consultation

From your backyard to your table!

Imagine fresh fruits and vegetables all year round available to you right in your backyard.

Home Harvest builds and maintains greenhouses to your specifications and preferences using a team of expert builders and gardeners available to you!

Gardening Services
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This is where it all begins. Proper seeding technique is a large portion of the battle that is growing plants! Whether it's making sure proper depth is achieved, or proper spacing to ensure overcrowding doesn't stunt growth our gardeners are trained to ensure success

Solar Panel & Fan

Climate Control

Gardeners will check your greenhouse's internal temperature upon arrival, this is to help ensure its climate is at the appropriate level for optimum growth. This will also include manually running the sprinklers every time we visit, as there is nothing worse for plants than drought.

visual inspection

Inspect Plants

There is a myriad of afflictions that can have adverse effects on your plants (insects, diseases, and deficiencies to name a few). In order to make sure we are preventing and fighting any that may occur we visual inspect each plant at length to ensure there aren’t any damaged plants jeopardizing your yields


Removal of Diseased Plants

As previously mentioned sometimes diseases can affect your plants, should these problems arise we will remove affected plants and replant new ones to maximize yield. Also, some plants can only produce yield once and then die off to allow a new generation to continue, we always replace plants that have helped us provide you a great service

soil health

Maintain Soil Health

There are many different factors that go into growing plants. One major, often overlooked variable is soil health. In order to help get ahead of nutrient draining of your soil, we always make sure to replace a percentage of your soil and place fresh compost in your beds to help add those essential minerals.



The whole reason we do what we do. Whenever a plant is ready to be harvested we want to make sure we get all of that amazing yield to you as soon as possible!



As soon as we harvest, we want to reset the clock to yield. To achieve this we till the area by hand, add fresh soil and compost, and reseed to start the cycle once again!

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