Residential GreenHouses

Backyard To Table

Have your very own endless, sustainable, 100% organic supply of all the produce you and your family could every need.

Gardening is hard. Pests, Watering, Hot days, Cold days, Drought, Flood.. and the beat goes on.

Worry not, we have the solution. Fully automated, completely customizable, affordable, greenhouses. Built by us, for you.  Check out our Build My Greenhouse page, and get the greenhouse of your DREAMS!


Unique Greenhouses to Custom Fit to Your Needs

We design, build, automate, and maintain greenhouses. Through Home Harvest you will become a 100% organic home grown farmer without lifting a finger.

Plan & Design

Begin by scheduling an in-home consultation! During this, we will go over which of our greenhouses is best suited for your home, find the best place in your yard, and answer any questions you may still have.


After your project is successfully funded, your greenhouse is made to order! Our installation dates are typically 2-3 weeks after funding!


In as little as 30 days you will be eating 100% organic produce from your backyard. You will never go back to the stale & overpriced produce isle.

Client Testimonials


Ready to make your greenhouse dreams a reality?

We are not a time share sales company. This will be a very pleasant experience where you can ask any and all the questions you want. We are very passionate about our work and not only do we want to build you the perfect greenhouse, we want you to be successful gardening it, and will make sure you can afford it no matte your budget! Give us a call or schedule an in home appointment, there is no commitment to buy if you schedule.


Have Any Questions?

Leave us a message and we will get back to you in less than 24 hours.